Nose Palate Finish
Floral, Citrus, Anise, Clean. Vanilla, Coconut, White Chocolate, Citrus, Pepper. Light, Easy-Drinking, Medium body, Long.

Distilled in the idyllic Piedmont hills of Italy, traditional handicraft and avant-garde innovation cultivate Infina Vodka’s natural flavor.

Piedmont is one of Europe’s most famous location for natural spring water sources. First discovered in 1917, by Marie Curie, winner of a Nobel prize, the sources are widely recognized for providing excellent treatments optimizing physical health and beauty as well as anti-aging properties. The valleys and pasturelands, protected in large part by the Alps, offer the ideal locations for growing grain like wheat. In fact, Piedmont is Italy’s largest source of soft and durum wheat, used to produce world famous pasta fresca.

This perfect environment brings together the ingredients for a secret family recipe inspired by the Italian passion for simplicity and good taste.


Infina Vodka is distilled from the highest quality single malt Italian wheat. The very same wheat used for centuries to make world famous Italian pasta and grissini. Distilled a total of five times to produce an incredibly pure ethanol with a 96.4% alcohol content, it is then mixed with ultra-fine spring water originating from higher than 6000ft in the Alps of the Piedmont region in North West Italy.

Micro filtered for three separate 12 hour sessions, instead of using traditional columns the vodka is then sprayed at intervals with charcoal nanoparticles ensuring ultra crystal clear clarity. Finally, it is only once each batch has been tested, tasted and authorized by our Maestro Distillatore, that it may at last receive the final seal of approval and be bottled for customer enjoyment.